Fresh and Dry Garlic are one of our main products

We select most Garlic best quality that packing and handle very care to be assure that will arrive to all our customers with high quality.

We offer best quality Garlic (Fresh – Dry) White or Red.

Egyptian Garlic is probably the Garlic that you are most familiar with.

Best planted in very well improved soil it produces Excellent Quality.

Variety:  fresh red Garlic / fresh white Garlic                                                                                                        

Packaging Type                    Bambo basket                  Carton box          plastic box                                                          

 Weight                                       5 KG                                  10 KG                   10 KG                                                

Sizes                                   4 CM to 8CM         4 CM to 8 CM              4 Cm to 8 Cm                                       

NO of ballet                                 20                                    20                             20                                                  

NO of box/ ballet                              150                        100                             100                                                 

No Of box / Container                    3000                     2000                           2000                                                              

Total net weight                                15ton                 20 ton                          20ton                                            

Callender: feb    mar        apr